Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flordia: My Dad is a Superhero

One of the hardest things about my new photography hobby is lugging around my heavy equipment when I am hiking. When I told my mom and dad about the tennis elbow they immediately offered to do some research and buy me a carrying device for my Christmas present. My father had done tons of research and had found various harnesses that would take the weight off my neck and arms and dispurse it over my shoulder. The problem was that I generally carried my camel pack on long hikes and because we had to order the camera harness online I was not able to see if they could work together. As my father and I contemplated the dilemma he decided to try out rigging up my current camel pack with a setup similar to the camera harnesses online.

After a trip to the local hardware store, some testing and then much maneuvering we were able to build the perfect solution. A simple series of straps and buckles that would allow me for quick access to get the camera out for a shot but that is also sturdy enough to carry the equipment and leave my hands free. Later that day I tested it on a hike and it worked better than I dreamed possible.



My dad, he is the most wonderful dad in the whole world. He continues to surprise me with his out of the box thinking and skill at solving almost any problem. He is my own personal superhero.



paul peggy zeus said...

He's my super hero too, and incredibly smart and handy to have around. I guess I'll keep him... :-) I love him so much.

myLA said...

This is beautiful.

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