Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Sticky-Notes

I admit to sometimes being an over planner, slightly neurotic gotta have everything perfect over planner. Sometimes this tendency is very helpful, other times it can be extremely annoying.

So in one of the instances where it is wonderful is around Christmas. You see it is only November 1 and I have bought all the presents for everyone on my list except two people. How or why do I do this, maybe because I am crazy? You see I keep lists of things people say they would like, or if I notice they compliment me on something I have. That way when the holiday season starts creeping around the corner I know what to get already for almost everyone, and knowing what to get in my book is the hardest park.

I also try really hard not to miss people’s birthdays, or rather I am trying really hard and I still miss a few here or there. But that is my new goal next year to attempt not to miss any. Most of my loved ones are out of the state and I send so many packages out that the local UPS woman behind the counter knows me by name. We are almost friends, I feel like I could invite her over for coffee kind of close.

But back to the point, I am an over planner but at least I won’t be a shop-a-holic mess right before the holidays.

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