Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kills Me With Kindness

I think one of the majillion reasons I love my animals so much is because of their unconditional devotion and love. From the moment I walk in the door their collective attention is fixed solely on me and clamouring to get as close as possible as if my simplest touch would be pure ecstasy. You can’t buy that kind of devotion.

Phoenix, my diva puppy, is so in love with me that it is bordering onto obsessive. She follows me around so closely that she is constantly tripping me, she can’t stand when I am out of the room and any time I have any exposed skin within her reach she is slathering it with kisses. This love is shown so faithfully that I cannot help but exasperatingly love her in return.

The only problem with her obsessive love is the destruction it causes when I am not with her. She tears up my yard, she chews on the wood in the house, and recently she ate one of my tennis shoes all because I dared to leave her. So far we are tolerating the problem but soon she may need therapy.

Rogue has been pretty tolerant with the new puppy as well, that is he had been pretty tolerant until about a month ago. You see when Phoenix arrived at the house Rogue was confused as to what the hell to do with here. It was as if we delivered an alien to him and said here, this is for you. For a while I think Rogue was just trying to figure her out and it was a definite moment when he finally had enough. Recently Phoenix tried to steal Rogues favourite toy, something she has done over and over again, except this time rogue had enough and smacked her down onto the floor. Since then he has taken over dominance of the household once more and Phoenix has taken her new lower position without complaint. I was so sure she would balk at the demotion she got in the pack of our household. We quickly realized that this little girl was all talk and no walk.

So Phoenix is still neurotic about being with me but now a few months later we have all settled into our places in the pack. Phoenix is now almost at the bottom of the pack. She is only above Picasso who is such a pansy the Easter bunny could kick his ass.


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paul peggy zeus said...

It's only right that Rogue have that step above Phoenix, after all, he has been with you the longest, but poooorr Pico, not to even be above the Easter Bunny!!

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