Thursday, November 5, 2009

Full of Secrets

Last week, after many days of research, I ordered “The Art of Bird Photography” by Arthur Morris, a famous bird photographer who has taken the most gorgeous photos. Photos that make me pea green with envy.

So every morning I open the front door eagerly hoping that today will be the day it arrives. This afternoon I was ecstatic when that little brown truck pulled up in front of my house. The book had finally arrived. I tore open the packaging and gleefully flipped through the glassy pages full of what I hope will be the information to push my photos to the next level.

Unfortunately, because I am leaving tomorrow for Florida, I had too many things to do today so the long waited for book sat sadly on my kitchen table. I know that I will have seven hours of traveling tomorrow, blissful hours where I can read to my heart’s content without distractions. However as I rushed through the house completing my chores I caught myself gazing longingly at the book wishing that I had the time to just kick back on the couch and read.


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paul peggy zeus said...

At least you got to bring it along and share it with us. what a great book.

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