Sunday, November 8, 2009

Florida: Expert Advice

Since I started taking photos of birds in June I have been met with a variety of responses. Most are happy for me because I am having fun with my new hobby, some tease me for being nerdy and I am sure others are quietly laughing behind my back. As a passionate new hobby I have taken the various responses around me with a grain of salt because many just don’t understand.

There are only three people that really get and can relate to my new hobby. Ms. Ivey League, a passionate bird lover, is the one responsible for setting off the spark on our trip to Mexico. Her desire to go on a bird watching excursion opened a new world to me and she is thrilled to hear all about the new species that I found that day or excited when we finally figure out together what species a bird is. Even though she is far away I feel like we are on this journey together. You are the BEST Ms. Ivey League.

Mr. Rogue is quietly understanding and although he didn’t get how addicted I am initially he has since fully supported me in my new hobby. He now constantly offers advice, helps me choose new equipment, hunts down birds and helps me edit photos. In essence a perfect partner, God how I love that man!

On this most recent trip to Florida I was able to share my love of birding with my mother, a true birding veteran. In the week that I was in Florida I learned from her to use my ears more to identify and find birds. To my amazement she was able to identify most species just by their calls alone. Her eye for finding the little birds in a forester of clutter was awesome. You are awesome MOM!


I have a bird blog now where I have a goal to photo all the 597 California species of birds on my list and document the process that will probably take decades to complete. I appreciate those who lift me up.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Thank you; learned something from you too. You can never take too many photos, you just might get that perfect shot you may have otherwise missed. There is a delete button, but you can't add more!

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