Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flordia: Christmas in November

My parents and I decided this year to celebrate Thanksgiving early; not only would I avoid all the crazy lunatic holiday travelers at the airport I also would be able to get my ticket at half the cost. Because this is my only holiday trip to see them we decided to exchange our Christmas presents early. Originally my parents were going to get me a camera harness, but because my dad’s ingenuity carrying my camera while hiking was no longer a problem.

Instead they decided to purchase a camera bag large enough to hold all my equipment in one place rather than four different bags. I am in love with it so far and am greatly anticipating the wonderfulness of being able to grab and go. Thanks for the perfect gift mom and dad.




paul peggy zeus said...

Your very welcome, and look, you have one more space left for that new lens you want so very much for Christmas!!

myLA said...

You better not be lugging that thing aroudn with you arm sister! I am watching! Have you been taking care of it!?!?! I see those damn bird pics. You are naughty!!!!

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