Friday, November 6, 2009

Flordia: Change is Good

I have a love/hate relationship with airlines. The fact that I don’t live near any family members that Mr. Rogue and I love to travel necessitates me having to travel often but the drama of the airport, security, the lines, and the cramped seating fills me with dread.

Generally despite my aversion to the whole airport process I still end up flying 48 times a year. With weddings, births, funerals, and visiting family and friends as well as our vacations I just resign myself to the inevitable pain. My only consolation is with the amount of times I have flown as a passenger and my year of being a flight attendant I have at least built up a few shortcuts to get me through the hustle and bustle a little easier.

Today on my way to Florida I decided to change my general traveling outfit. Normally I wear all black top and cardigan with a comfy stretch black skirt and comfortable black heels. I like this outfit because it is classy, it is comfortable, its layered for the various temperatures of traveling, the shoes are slip-on, and if I spill anything on myself the black cleans up nicely. However, today, with my toe injury, my tennis elbow with my recent love for pants I decided to do something unprecedented for me. I decided to wear jeans and a pair of flat shoes.

Now for those that know me this is a huge departure from the normal ‘uniform’ of skirt and cardigans that I normally wear. I was generally happy with my choice of clothing but no more so than when I was running through the Charlotte airport.

Take a moment and imagine me with a carryon HEAVY with camera equipment thrown over my shoulder, a purse stuffed with books over my elbow, dodging crowds of people, sweating and red in the face trying to get from one end of the gargantuan airport to the other. You see my plane got delayed so I had only 20 minutes to get off the first plane and get to my connecting flight.

At the end of the run I thanked god that not only had I made my flight but that I had decided on the more ‘runable’ outfit. I would have never made my connecting flight wearing heels and a skirt. See change can be good.


paul peggy zeus said...

And I'm so thankful you made it on time and were not delayed so I could spend as much time together as possible.

myLA said...

you dont like your elbow do you? glad you made your flight mama!

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