Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nerdy Birdy: The Gear - Canon 2x II Teleconverter

I rented the Canon 2x teleconverter today and man oh man what a big difference in reach it gave me. (note: a teleconverter is a small piece you add between your lens and your camera)


Basically it turned my 400mm lens into an 800mm lens meaning I could reach twice as far as before. Of course with every gain there is a price and the price may just be too high. I rented it because I am considering asking for this for Christmas and as a rule of thumb, because this equipment is so expensive, I always rent my equipment before I buy it.

Anyways first the good part, the reach is ABSOLUTLY AMAZING. I took some shots for you to see.

A Photo of the ring billed gull.


Now where the real power comes into play is the super far birds that I would have never been able to reach without this teleconverter.


And this is how far my camera was away from the Flicker.


You really almost can’t even see the bird it is so far away.

So to reiterate I love the reach of the lens, what I dont love is that the Auto Focus (the cameras ability to focus the camera onto the subject) does not work because my 100-400mm lens F stop is too high. If I got a Mark 1D then it would work but that is not something I plan on buying in the near future.

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