Sunday, November 1, 2009

BBBS 21: Magic Mountain

I have been crazy psycho busy the past few months and especially over the past month I have literally had no time. So I blacklisted today to all else except to just spend time with my little, which was tough. I had to cancel on going to the spa with my girlfriends AND I had to miss going to try on wedding dresses with Mrs. Dancer but I have made a dedication to this program and promises to myself and a little girl so other things just had to fall off my too full plate. I really need to schedule some “do nothing me time”.

So today to celebrate our one year of being a big/little sister together and because I wanted to spend the entire day with my little I decided to take her to Six Flags Magic Mountain. She LOVES LOVES LOVES rollercoaster rides and has never been to this amusement park and we had an ABSOLUTE blast, although my legs are hurting something fierce.


She wanted to go on my favourite ride there first, Goliath is a GIGANTIC rollercoaster.


Halfway to the top of the big drop she started to demand to be let off of the ride, that there was no way she could do it, and that she made a mistake getting on. As the rollercoaster climbed her pleas got more and more hysterical. I remembered when I was a kid, doing the exact same thing to my mother. I tried to hold back my laughter.


At the end of the ride she un-clutched my painfully squeezed hand, turned to me, wind whipped tears running streaks down her cheeks and begged me to go on it again. I love this kid!


We were there for 9 hours and by the end I was just plain tuckered out.


Sadly on the ride home I found out that she is moving YET AGAIN and will be attending another school within the next six weeks. She is in seventh grade and has moved 13 times since she started school. I cringe and tense up at some of the things that go on in her life. The poverty, the crime, the lack of education but all I can do is give her what I can and hope that she fights for all she can be.

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paul peggy zeus said...

You are doing such an amazing, selfless thing spending time with your little. It's very difficult to be uprooted and moved around so much as a child - I know that first hand. SHE WILL SURVIVE! and I think with you being a positive constant in her life will help ten times over! I love you for what you are doing. . . keep encouraging her and having FUN!

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