Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Brain: What a Little Curiosity Will Do

Today I found out that Mrs. Bulldog is three months PREGNANT! I knew she had been trying but to hear that they are is so exciting. Mr. Rogue and I are going to start trying in March and it makes me happy that a friend will also be having a baby around the same time. Out of curiosity I wanted to know how big a three month old fetus was so of course I Googled it. I ended up on this adorable baby site Baby Center where I found all kinds of information about how large the fetus is.

So at the end of the video the player automatically pushed into other months and because I was interested I watched, after 20 minutes it moved onto giving an epidural. Since I had not seen one being given and since I am going to have to deal with getting pregnant and dealing with the inevitable birth I took a deep breath and watched. And let me tell you when they took out that needle I almost passed out and I was watching SOMEONE ELSE get a shot. Even though I was not feeling so well once the video was over I was SO PROUD of myself for getting through it.

So I was feeling a bit brave, a little daring even, so I decided to watch the next video, a video of a woman giving birth. And GOD KNOWS WHY I thought that was a good idea, but I got through that too. So I moved onto the next video, a video of a woman giving birth naturally at home. I think I lost my damn mind.

I am officially traumatised. This is why you DO NOT go poking around websites and watching baby birthing videos until AFTER you are pregnant.

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