Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All in Due Time

Because Mrs. Fruit just moved here from the Philippines she and her adorable baby girl are shivering with cold. Not that California is all that cold in November compared to say Michigan but the poor dears just need a few more years before this slightly chilly weather does not feel like the Arctic to them.

Today we ventured to Target, a definite favourite store of mine, to get them both early Christmas presents in the form of VERY warm clothes. Mrs. Fruit and I had so much fun in the little girls section picking out sweaters and dresses for Baby Fruit for the holidays. As we debated over an adorable cute pink gown or a deliciously sweet red dress I felt a pang of longing that I was picking out these clothes for my little girl. My ovaries were flipping out and doing summersaults but all of that is all in due time.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Ok, stop teasing me already!! Maybe you should take Mrs. Fruit on a ski trip so she will enjoy the mild climate of LA all the more!! :-)

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