Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grand Canyon: X Files Mystery

We woke up this morning and spent extra time on our breakfast. The one thing about camping is that the food is less than five star but today instead of our usual instant oatmeal we opted for making a larger production. Using the new grill we made apple filled pancakes and sausage the smells that were so good that I ate the first sausage right off the grill burning my mouth.


Since Mr. Rogue was beginning to feel a little better we decided to follow the doctors suggestion to visit a secluded point that was not to far of a hike and virtually secluded since it was not advertised on the map. Basically she said the only people that went there were the townies and since it was fall and a little cooler we should get the place to ourselves.

The hike was strange; we passed through an entire section of forest where the trees were burned from the inside out. Because we are both a little nerdy and used to love to watch X Files again we spent a good majority of the slow walk talking about as many outrageous reasons that the trees would be killed this way. Neither of us was anywhere close to the real answer and I am hesitant even now to ruin the mystery by googling it.

The point was super stunning and we were absolutely alone. It was so quiet and we both just sat and stared lost in my own thoughts for about an hour. Only after another couple arrived did we stir for the walk back. I can see how this is such a mesmerizing place I wish we could stay here for another month.



Dinner at the campsite we generally like to keep pretty simple. Mr. Rogue has a can in the pit method where you just crack open a can of food, cook it in the fire rotating it ever five min 90 degrees, and then eat right out of the can. It is super convenient for space because your can is in effect your pot and your bowl and then by recycling the can there are no dishes. Tonight we added fire grilled hot dogs to our meal. We are super low maintenance when we camp.


Mr. Rogue even channelled Rogue, our elder Rottweiler dog at home, while we were gone. He was happy drinking his beer but it made me miss my baby puppies at home.


After dinner every night we would sit curled up by the fire for hours and just talk. One of my favourite things about this vacation is that I have Mr. Rogue all to myself, I am selfish like that sometimes, and that there were no other distractions. We spent time talking of our goals and plans for the next few years and Mr. Rogue even helped me with my nightly recap for the blog. This trip made him really appreciate why I love blogging so much. I love him so much!


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paul peggy zeus said...

I love the simplicity of camping and the serenity of spending quality time together. They were always y best memories. Try cooking meals in foil, you an do so much with it,

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