Friday, September 25, 2009

Wishful Thinking

I remember as a kid watching full house and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world to have so many people living in the same house, there is always someone to blame all the dirt on, and someone is always there with a helping hand. I grew up with a large family all relatively close to each other and I just miss the days when I could see my mother whenever I wanted, or had holidays with all 30 of us crammed into a too small family room. As I get older I miss the fact that we cannot have Sunday dinner with our extended family, or enjoy holidays without some major traveling fiascos and as Mr. Rogue and I talk more seriously about starting a family we cannot help but constantly brining up moving back east so our “hopefully in the future” children can grow up with grandparents and cousins. It is a constant cyclical conversation that never really nets out anywhere but with family getting on the plane tomorrow to travel back home we know that they will be missed and we cannot help but feel the pull AGAIN to move.

We made a large Thanksgiving meal for dinner and as we sat around the table with chairs squeezed in tight to accommodate everyone I looked around the room and felt the rightness of having everyone together. At least for now we are doing nothing but I had a lot to be grateful today, I got to spend time with my mother and father-in-law and I really got to spend time getting to know Mrs. Painter and Mrs. Fruit. I love how my family has grown and I cannot hope but wish that one day we will all be near each other to have dinners like this more often.




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paul peggy zeus said...

Mrs. Painter looks so happy sitting there by the water.

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