Friday, October 16, 2009

Las Vegas: Vegas Virgin

After thirteen days of camping in the great outdoors we have officially become countrified. Which is to say that although we are relatively clean there is dirt on my jeans, my air dried hair hangs in its natural thick waves rather than in neat blow-dried curls, moisturizer and the nightly pampering to my skin has been ignored and we both smell of campfire, a smell that has permeated not only our clothing but every pore of our entire bodies. All of this has not bothered me while we are camping and roughing it in the great outdoors but now that we are nearing closer and closer to Vegas, a town of riches and lights I start gnawing my lower lip because now I am imagining pulling up in the valet of the Wynn and stepping out of my nice car looking and smelling like I do.


I considered for a brief moment putting on makeup and as Mr. Rogue snickered at my plight I decided that makeup was not going to fix this train wreck.


I was so embarrassed that I convinced Mr. Rogue to park in self parking and we carried our own bags to our suite. And really whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless you have a blog where you talk about all these things like me. Sigh.

I have never been to Vegas before and I have to say with worrying how I look and trying to keep from throwing up (I had a mild case of food poisoning) I think my first viewing of Vegas was a bit tarnished and of course I could not help but compare it with Los Angeles. So I didn’t get really excited about being here until after I had gotten to our room which was so super wonderful. Mr. Rogue had upgraded to a suite and after camping for so long it LITERALLY felt like a big piece of orange heaven.


And the view, it was so wonderful overlooking the golf course. We were in ecstasy!


After I had a shower with its five jets of LUCIOUSLY HOT WATER, grabbed an hour nap and changed into pristinely clean clothes I was in a much better frame of mind. We had a long drawn out dinner at Okada Sushi which was so divinely yummy, incidentally I am so happy Mr. Rogue has decided that he officially likes sushi it was something that took me 3 years to get him to like.

Mr. Rogue had called earlier and let them know we were celebrating our anniversary so we got a secluded table right by the waterfall with dim lighting and romantic music playing I felt like we were the only two people in the room. A true test if the person you are with is truly the one for you is to go on vacation. If after thirteen days your conversation is still flowing seamlessly and you still get butterflies in your stomach when they smile you know you have found the one!

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