Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Spectacular View

Today I woke up to the sun poking its way into the sky, a sight that would normally find me either returning from home after a long night OR cursing as I turn away from the window, camping however the rise with the sun early in the morning and early to bed just makes sense to my body. We broke camp and decided to not make breakfast and just pick something up along the way. That was mistake number one. After about an hour on the road we still had not seen any sign of life let alone a little diner where we could grab a quick bite to eat. And when I get hungry I get super crabby which is never a good thing on a road trip so we ended up pulling over and munching on triscuts, which was neither filling nor what I wanted but sometimes you just have to do with what you got.

When we finally did reach a city we were able to get a more substantial meal and we swung into Walmart to pick up an electrical cord. Oh dear god how naive we were. I can never go into Walmart and just get one thing and our 10 min get one item turned into an hour long shopping spree which included on the list a Coleman stove. Now I completely take the blame for that, well I at least take partial blame because I DESPERATLY wanted pancakes this morning instead of the oatmeal we had brought for breakfast, which lead to us leaving camp this morning without eating breakfast, which lead to not finding a diner and eating triscuts. And even though we had a decent lunch I still desperately wanted those pancakes. Hence how we ended up with the Coleman grill. Women can be complicated or so my husband says.

With our car a tiny bit more full than before two hours later we finally pulled into the Grand Canyon campground. I continued being a complicated woman and managed to get our campsite, which was basically right behind the main road, swapped to the other side of the campground so we were backed by the woods. Mr. Rogue was not happy with my high maintenceness but I wanted a better site since we were staying for a week.

As we started setting up our tent a herd of Elk walked right through our site so we dropped the poles, grabbed our cameras and sat back for the next hour to capture the moment. The rangers made sure when we checked in to let us know that the Elk are in their mating season and that they are dangerous so we made sure to keep plenty of distance between us and them. With the telephoto I had no worry about getting to close but man were those animals HUGE.







After seeing the elk and finally getting our campsite in order we had just enough time to make it to the Grand Canyon cliffs as the sun was setting. It was both of our first time ever seeing the canyon and as it was alight with blazing pinks I stood there with my hand clasped in my husband’s for an hour just taking in the magnificent view which was far beyond my expectations.


I even held the sun for a moment just as it was about to drop out of sight.



myLA said...

You would be there during mating season. So Rogue.

lilmansworld said...

speaking of mating season...did the elk influence u for motherhood or at least positions? haha

paul peggy zeus said...

The picture of you holding the sun is very cute. Did you get to hear the elks mating call? They are magnificent animals...

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