Friday, October 9, 2009

Grand Canyon: Sleep Deprivation

Last night I didn’t sleep well at all. Between the elk screaming, the coyotes singing, trying to get comfortable on the hard ground, the annoyingly loud college guys parting a few sites over and my drugged husband’s snores I did not get much sleep. So I was up super early at a predawn and it was eerily silent. The little devil in me wanted to march over to the party guy’s site and start screaming shrilly for them to get the hell up. I rethought that and decided to ignore that little voice.

Since I was up so early I decided to spend that time to take a walk and enjoy the forest waking up. I took my camera and got some amazing shots. I love camping I think it really connects you back to the earth, something that I get so disconnected from sometimes living in a house, when I was working in my office, driving in my car. Especially since LALA Land is covered in so much cement and urban sprawl I super appreciate just the subtle quiet of nature.

Once Mr. Rogue woke up and we had breakfast we decided to do a bit of scenic driving. Since he still is not able to do much with his back we thought this was the best option for today. I was particularly on the lookout for the California Condor since the Grand Canyon is one of the release sites in the United States but we did not see it sadly. We did however see a variety of other forest critters. Between my early morning walk and our various stops on our scenic route I am really getting the hang of taking photos of wildlife.








Unfortunately the one thing that I forgot, and in my defence it TECHNICALLY was not on my very long camping list to pack was the small mounting block for our tripod. Basically it is a small plate that connects the camera to the tripod. I did remember the tripod and the camera but without this plate the tripod is rendered basically useless, that is unless you are resourceful and like to tie things up. Internet, welcome to my MacGyver side of my personality, behold my wonderful rigged tripod mount.


Although my wood and rope idea was serviceable Mr. Rogue made an executive decision and decided not to use my ingenuity in the field. He was worried what people would think about our very obvious lack of the proper equipment. And the photography world is harsh, every time you pass someone you are eyeing up their equipment as you are eyeing up theirs. Nods of appreciation are given for nice equipment but Mr. Rogue was worried about tarnishing our reputation so my ingenuity was for nothing other than your entertainment.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Ah, the beauty of wild life and wild living. You must feel like mother nature! I do enjoy being outdoors and camping does bring us closer to the earth. You can have your cement cities - give me peace on earth!

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