Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Settling into a Different Kind of Household

We are all getting used to having two new people in the house. Mrs. Fruit and Baby Fruit are settling in nicely and already Baby Fruit is delighting us. She is the central focus of the home, of the day, of our dinner table. Like an elephant in the room she cannot be ignored and we all pitch in to help keep a smile on her face. Simply adorable.

Mrs. Fruit is making my life a little bit easier and she is learning so fast. Today she did laundry, mopped the floor, helped to cook dinner and even did the dishes which is my ALL TIME FAV PART. I find myself with more time to sit back and relax or to entertain Baby Fruit.



The thing that has changed the most is that my refrigerator is now holding some unique items; items that I normally do not purchase. I took Mrs. Fruit to Mitsuwa Marketplace, an Asian grocery store near my home where she managed to find all sorts of unique things. The food in this house is defiantly being influenced and we are all sharing our favourite foods with each other. We have agreed to disagree with some things but for the most part she is broadening my food horizons.


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paul peggy zeus said...

wow, squid and is that octopus kabobs? You ARE broadening your taste buds.

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