Monday, October 19, 2009

Rogue Life List: #30. Take a two week vacation without cell phones, television, or computers

Yesterday I completed another item off my Rogue Life List and it was a ton harder than I thought it would be. The TV not so much but the cell phone and the internet OH HOW I SUFFERED. I am used to talking to both my mother and Ms. Ivey League almost daily so I really felt the loss of both of them in my day to day live and I also did not realize how much I rely on my phone for the internet and directions until it was off for a long period of time. I am officially obsessed with Google. Google I love you.Anyways it was hard but I did it and in the end I appreciated the amount of time that was normally playing with an electronic being poured into my husband. This vacation makes me sigh in happiness but I am glad now to be home and connected again to the world.

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Ivy said...

One of the best decisions you've made in a while. You deserved some time alone with your honey.

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