Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Phriday: Wood Floor

So I am not allowed to take photos for two weeks but because this was my first paying gig and because I mostly used a tripod I made an exception and broke out my camera against doctors orders. This Photo Phriday I bring you some of my favourite shots of the 350 that I took yesterday and I hope by next week I will be taking photos again without any pain.


Each piece of wood on this floor was hand cut, sanded and placed. It took 3 guys over 4 months to do this floor and the stairs. Talk about alot of patience!






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paul peggy zeus said...

What beautiful floors!! Wow! It reminds me of some of the very fancy woodwork done in some of the Bed & Breakfasts I visited on the West Coast of Michigan. Great Work! I think you should ask for a raise.

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