Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pancake Pillows

We managed to all get up, the in-laws were picked up, and a reasonable breakfast on the table without anyone loosing an eye. We are all sleep deprived but desperately attempting to get on some sort of schedule as quickly as possible. Like a band aide you must take a deep breath, look the other way and rip quickly squealing that high pitched yell a moment later once you realize that there are 30 little hairs and 7 layers of skin dangling from the offensive bandage. So we all ripped, I cried in the shower and we are all sitting at the breakfast table in various states of dishevelment. I can barely keep my face from planting into the middle of my pancakes, they are fluffy if not a little bit sticky. I think that they would make a very nice pillow; in fact I am positive they would. The only thing stopping me is my pride, well my pride and the fact that I don’t want the folks to think I cannot keep it together. So I focused on breathing and nodding my head.

A ritual I like to do when getting off a long plane ride is going to the spa. It is pretty much the only thing that keeps me going on those flights, the idea that once it is over I can treat myself to warm scented towels and hours of pampering. As a belated birthday gift to Mrs. Painter and as an early birthday gift to Mrs. Faith I took them along with me and we girls got to float in heaven for the next three hours.

I have been attending the same spa for the past three years or so and was completely in love with my girl that I always requested, that is until the brat got knocked up and married. Now she just works at the front counter and I was left again searching for that perfect masseuse, one that understood my muscles, my body, and talked to my soul with her hands. It has been a frustrating journey filled with this one’s too hard, this one’s too soft. I could never for some reason find one that is just right. I feel like the Goldie Locks of massage artists. And then today it happened, within the first three minutes I KNEW she was the one I had been looking for. It was as if God had opened the sky and personally handed me the best present ever, a tiny woman with her hands full of magic.

Talking with her on the way down the stairs afterwards I told her how delicious she was at her job and asked a few questions about her schedule, wouldn’t you know she is from the PHILIPPINES of all places. I felt that someone was laughing, oh no wait that is me crying, crying at the irony of it all.

After floating home on a cloud of bunnies and cotton candy we arrived home in time to throw Baby Fruit a small family birthday filled with lots of adorable baby gifts. Let me say wandering around Target throwing adorable little clothes full of ruffles and pink was one of the highlights of my week. The loot this kid made out with was incredible. I cannot wait to have one of my own.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to end your vacation - full of pampering. Treating your guests like royalty seems to be your specialty.

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