Saturday, October 24, 2009

Out with the Fruits

Today was moving day for the Fruits. Mr. Fruit, my brother in law, has been living with us for the past year and a half while saving money and waiting for his wife and child to arrive. The original plan was for Mrs. Fruit and baby Fruit to get here and we would give them a few months to get acclimated. Once Mrs. Fruit felt comfortable they would then start looking for a place close enough for me to help them out as much as possible. That plan however was put into fast forward while my husband and I were in the Grand Canyon. Seems the house two doors down from us went up for rent. It is a super nice three bedroom going for a pretty good rate. They took a look, just to look and fell in love with it. By the time we returned home they had already signed the lease, got the keys, purchased furniture and started slowing moving things over. Now with only a month living in the USA Mrs. Fruit is in her own home with me SUPER close by for help.

It is nice to have our home back and it is the first time we are alone since we have been married. Although the house feels a little empty I am sure I will be constantly over Mrs. Fruits or she is over here.

Because Mr. Rogue was working late I offered to watch baby Fruit while the tired parents went out to dinner. What a completely different type of Saturday night I had. Instead of being out with my husband or my girls I am instead playing at home with a angelic cherub on the kitchen floor making a mess of my pots, pans and silverware.





It is GREAT being an aunt! I only wish that I lived closer to baby Lambchop, who lives in Michigan, he is growing so big and I am unfortunately missing so much living this far away. Thank GOD his mother is connected and I get to see him grow online through her blog and facebook updates. It isn’t enough but it is all I have.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Wow! Imagine Kelly Rose babysitting on a Saturday Night, who would have thought?

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