Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our One Year Anniversary

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by since Mr. Rogue stood in front of each other and said I do! My marriage and relationship is stronger than ever and I KNOW that the decisions I have made this year have brought us closer than ever. But what a crazy, heartbreaking, exciting, insane year it has been. Even though things have been nuts I somehow feel like I got in a huge fight with an unnamed opponent and came out on the lighter side of the darkness.

Mr. Rogue and I have long conversations about the things we want out of life, the types of people we want to be, the type of people we want to surround ourselves with and the traditions we want to keep going from our childhood and new ones we would like instilled. One decision that came out of those conversations are the gifts we can give each other for our anniversary. Instead of the more traditional presents we have decided that our greatest commodity is time. So every year we have vowed to take time away for just each other. We realize that some years will be harder than others to get away but even if it is just for one night stay at a local hotel we will give each other that one night to celebrate all we are and all we want to be.

Following that tradition we have also decided that we will replace the photo from our wedding guestbook that hangs in our bedroom above our fireplace. We want to look at that photo and see where we are today as a couple not what we were years and years ago. Plus I think it would be interesting to start a photo album with a new photo of us for every year!


Yea to new traditions and yea too many more wonderful years with my perfect for me husband.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Your love will stand the test of time, you are made for one another.

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