Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grand Canyon: Not Just Another City SUV

Because we are both beat down by the amount of hiking we have been doing we decided to take Romeo, our new SUV, on her maiden voyage off-roading. We decided on a 18 mile path to a secluded point of the canyon. The road was so bad that Mr. Rogue had to get out of the car numerous times to get the lay of the land.


Although the road was terrible, and upon later reflection we decided it probably was not the best decision we ever made, the views and scenery was amazing. We passed through meadows and woods few get to see and we ended up only saw one other person a biker in the eight hours it took us to make the round trip.


The views of the canyon of course were spectacular and we were able to eat our lunch on its cliffs totally alone.



We were so happy and content but of course Romeo came out the worse in the situation. Officially dirty from head to toe with scratches down the sides from all the bramble we were just hoping that once we got back to the city it was nothing a good bath and wax wouldn’t cure (don’t worry we were right, everything came off just fine and now he is all “Thank God we are home, I am back in my garage and I am like new again”)


We ended the day with reservations at the lodge for dinner. The lodge was gorgeous nestled into the side of the cliff with large windows overlooking the canyon.


As we ate our dinner the sun set and Mr. Rogue and I took our time with our meal drawing out wonderful conversation over an amazing bottle of wine. I am sure my meal was made that much better by all the exercise and fresh air but I swore at that moment no meal had ever tasted better.

Afterwards we spent a few hours at the large communal fire pit in the back of the lodge. We laughed and swapped stories with other campers.



Life is wonderful sometimes and it was a perfect end to another wonderful day.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Looks like you two had a great time bonding and just being together.

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