Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Red Dot

I am not a “put my eggs in various baskets kind of girl”, I am more of a “is that little red dot what I am shooting for” tuck my head down and not look up until I hit it kind of girl. Sometimes it is one of my favourite things about myself, my tenacity to get the job done and see through with my goals. However there are times when it is more like a bull in a china shop. I hit my bulls eye alright but when I pick up my head and survey the aftermath I shudder at the mess.

The reason this comes up is because again we are talking about finishing the work on our house. The question we have now is since I am not working do we want to do most of the work ourselves (basically me doing most of it while I am home) and save money OR do we want to save the headache and backaches and hire someone to do it for us. Questions are rolling around in our minds of what the correct path is but the good thing is that if we do decide to do the construction ourselves then all I have to do is point myself toward the bulls eye and it will eventually somehow get done!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Go for it, you'll appreciate the feeling of accomplishment.

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