Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grand Canyon: Hiking Forever

On this trip we have hiked every single day, some days for a mile but most for over six. The hiking is wonderful and with both of us being photographers we are repeatedly finding the days gobbled up by wonderful hours in the forest. The only problem we were having is space so of course we had to stop into the Canyons cafe so we could download almost 3000 photos to our laptop. The trip is only halfway over and it is going to take a mountain of time to go through all the photos we take. But the photos, the glorious wonderful fabulous photos just make me sigh in happiness.









And then there is the smell, a heady sweet wonderful smell that is something like cinnamon and butterscotch. Locals say that the woods smell differently to everyone but that they smell so lovely because the Ponderosa Pines sap heats up in the sun and infused the air with its perfume. Seriously it is AMAZING.


Today we decided to do multiple small hikes. The first was supposed to be a quarter mile hike to a viewpoint. Twenty minutes into our walk Mr. Rogue realized that we were on the wrong trail. Instead of doing the intelligent thing which would have been to go back to the car and properly supply ourselves for a longer hike we decided to just press forward. This is the part in the movie where you shake your head at the characters stupidity. We ended up walking for another hour and only turned back when we were out of water and thirsty. Error number two.

As we started back to the car we considered for a second taking short cuts. The path was really curvy and we were sure that if we just cut through in a straight line we would end up at the car. We stopped ourselves from leaving the well marked path. The dumbest thing in our situation would be to get lost. We stuck to the path and by not stopping a million times to take photos we were back in the car within a half hour.

We learned an easy lesson of not leaving unprepared again.

We hiked through a dead forest today burned by lightening in 2006 and it was such a surreal view compared to the forest we had hiked out of. With the cloud cover, eerie lighting, and dead trees as far as you could see we felt like we were transferred to some haunted wood.




After the dead forest hike we drove to another area and took a caved springs trip that wove through sheer cliffs and where in some cases the path was carved into the rock. The views were incredible and we ended up being the only people on the path which is what I prefer, with us being the only ones in sight.




Finally we ended up on our last trail which meandered to the highest point on the north rim where we saw angels window, a rock that had weirdly spilt in such a way to produce a window to the beauty of the canyon and its river.


I love being on vacation. Every place you look offers another wonderful adventure.

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paul peggy zeus said...

The only thing better than vacation is to be on a "permanent vacation"! I love aspen trees (white bark) and you holding up the mountain - that shot reminds me of when we went to Turkey Run SP in Indiana where you kids were doing that same thing.

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