Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today I turn 31 and for my birthday/our first wedding anniversary we are going on a two week vacation camping to the Grand Canyon with a few extra stops along the way. We are leaving cell phones, technology, noise and the chaos of everyday life behind and are just going to spend some time with just each other. No distractions, no chores, not job, no responsibilities, and no schedule. Although I am STILL fighting the tail end of this STUPID cold I am looking forward to having the most wonderful person in my life all to myself.

See you in two weeks (I know I am sorry to be leaving YET again). Be back October 20th.


paul peggy zeus said...

Come on, you weren't quite able to leave that cell phone behind. . . . You called me on the way.

myLA said...

Mrs. Rogue should never be out of touch for this long ever, ever, ever again. :)

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