Monday, October 5, 2009

Joshua Tree: Desert Hallucinations

Because I was not exactly sure which day we were leaving, Mr. Rogue’s job schedule was dictating our departure date, I had made contingency plans just in case we were able to leave a little earlier. Mr. Rogue was able to finish up and we were off two days before our reservations began at the Grand Canyon so the contingency plan of stopping at Joshua Tree on the way was put into effect.

There is something so wonderful, that really speaks to my soul when I enter the desert. Something about the long stretches of land that seems to tease the sky into forever with all the wide open spaces that I just adore. The more I look at the desert, the more I sit and REALLY look the more I love it. Past the initial glance of monotony and unspectacular color palette is a wealth of subtle beauty and occasional when I have completely lost my mind entirely I wish I could pick up my house and move it so my bedroom window would have this view.


And then I slap myself and start the long tirade about how it is 124 degrees here in July and how impractical it would be for a Shoe loving Shop-a-holic to live where there is NOTHING but sand for hundreds of miles. I think I will just have to continue to visit and fantasize about combining all of the good I have with this view out my bedroom window.

Joshua Tree is unique in its desert landscape by having large mounds of gigantic boulders the size of small houses. The campground we chose to stay at was centered around a large grouping of boulders and our campsite was nestled into the nocks and crannies.


And when I say these rocks were gigantic I mean so super huge that I seriously felt like a tiny child playing on the world’s largest jungle gym.


Mr. Rogue and I spent the day climbing and delicately picking our way around and let me tell you it was NO SMALL FETE that I was able to not only climb and balance myself without braking life and limb for four hours but that I was able to also do it with a 13lb camera/lens.

And yes I could have totally left the lens at the campsite but that would completely defeat the purpose of having it and OH I would have missed all these opportunities to capture and share the most LOVELY of the beauty of the desert photos like these.









Ahhhhh blissful contentment at the end of the day and even though my legs were killing me I was still cradling my camera like a child and my photographer’s soul was sighing in absolute radiance with the wonderful day we had.


There was so much contentment that I did not even mind sharing our evening meal with a third rather small and furry visitor who made it VERY clear that he was not in any way, shape or form afraid of humans. He was so unafraid in fact that he allowed us to shower him with light and take many photos as long as there was a little snack involved in all those proceedings. I couldn’t help but compare this wild rodent with Diva, my unruly puppy back home. The sad thing is that the mouse won hands down on manners.



lilmansworld said...

welcome back kelly!

Courtney Marie said...

I love that picture of you holding a camera, seriously, you need your own travel show!

paul peggy zeus said...

What great pictures and a wonderful blog this day! Full of contentment and happiness, isn't life blissful?

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