Friday, October 16, 2009

Zion: Coincidentally

When we woke up the morning and went about looking for a place to eat breakfast I realized that the place that town we had crashed in was only 20 miles from Zion. Zion is another park that I had considered putting on the itinerary but decided to pass it up this trip in preference of spending more time in the Grand Canyon. One thing I did not want to be doing this vacation is rushing from place to place only seeing a small portion of everything and not really immersing into an area. But with the split second decision landed us so close we decided that since we had the time we would just peek in for a few hours.

We were able to drive through a scenic route with many viewpoint stops along the way for four hours. Even though Zion is so close to the Grand Canyon the look was totally different and we really enjoyed driving through the canyon and being at the bottom looking up rather than the other way around.





Exploring at one of the stops we found a great secluded hike that had us jumping boulders over a softly bubbling stream. Since there weren’t any birds in the area I focused on taking photos of the other small creatures around the stream.






We loved Zion and we are hoping to return and dedicate at least a week to explore in the future. Four hours was horribly inadequate for such a beautiful place.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I can't wait to get to Utah too!

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