Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grand Canyon: Buns of Steel

Since Mr. Rogue was feeling MUCH better today and since it was our last day at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon we decided to go ahead with our plans to hike down 2 miles into the canyon. The park extremely recommends against going all the way down the canyon to the river and back in one day saying that it is approximately 18 hours roundtrip. We opted to follow their advice and were glad we did. The path zig zags sharply back and forth down the cliffs and you almost don’t realize how far you are going when traveling down. But OH MY GOD walking back up that trial was something that I did not particularly like one bit and we only went ¼ of the way down.

I liked however that the path was pretty well kept up. Other than the steepness of it which Mr. Rogue and I planned on combating by starting early and going slow it was better than we expected.


There was however nothing that could have prepared me for the feeling of scale that I got once we started to descend. Saying I felt like an ant would be an understatement and while on the trial you could see where you were going with people so very very small.



I decided despite how heavy my lens was to take it down the canyon with me. I just KNEW that if I had decided to leave it in the car then I would spot a California Condor and would be crying for months. The decision was a difficult one because the camera weights a good 13 lbs and in the end, despite my constantly craned neck, we didn’t end up seeing anything more than a few ravens. Figures at least my arms got a great workout.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Arms AND buns got a workout, that's a tough climb.

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