Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday Surprises

I don't know if I have told you recently but Mr. Rogue is amazing! Not only is he the best husband in the ENTIRE world, he ALSO totally gets me in a way that I sometimes don’t even get me. I couldn’t ask for someone who is more thoughtful or perfect for me. For my birthday he got me three very different things

a ring,


a pair of hiking boots


and a birding book to help with my new little inner nerdy birdy.


To some it may sound random but they were the bestest presents ever! What more could a girl ask for; a bit of sparkly jewellery, boots to protect my little feet and a book to feed my brain.


Courtney Marie said...

I love the ring, gorgeous! And the boots are pretty cute too :)

kim said...

whoa! I must see that ring in person. Welcome back, I've been waiting to see pics from your trip.

paul peggy zeus said...

You do have a terrific man - I'm happy he's in our family and is there to take care of your mind (THE BOOK), body (YOUR FEET) and soul (THE RING)

myLA said...

I am drooling for 2 out of 3. I want jewelry too dammit!

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