Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Brain: Baby Clock

Mr. Rogue came home from work today, Mr. Fruit, Mrs. Fruit and I were all busy making dinner and Mr. Rogue, my kind and wonderful husband, scooped up Baby Fruit and started making her squeal with delight. I turned, stir fry forgotten on the stove and stared in awe. My heart flipped over in an erratic beat and as I was looking at them through the lens of the camera I felt the most profound sense of joy at seeing a baby in his arms. A happy little cherub and a look of contentment on his face, I felt in that moment complete. Baby clock is ticking. There is just something about the man I love holding a tiny little baby that makes all these funny reproductive stirrings in my brain go off. Synapses are firing and I have no control over the need to fill the house with as many babies as I can.



And no mom I am not pregnant.

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Kim & Chris said...

Well stop blogging and go make that baby already!

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