Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today Mr. Rogue and I interviewed a new doctor because we are young and generally both like to avoid the doctor like the plague but now it is time to go. So we brainstormed and came up with the list of all those funny little things that are not of great enough of a concern to go to the doctor but that just sit there and nag at you. One of the items on my list is relatively new. Within the past month my elbow has been hurting more and more. The verdict from the doctor is that I have tennis elbow. Now the fact that I have this is interesting because I DONT PLAY TENNIS, as in I am so uncoordinated when it comes to sports that I physically can’t play. I am like anti-tennis.

Basically I tore some tendons on my upper arm. HOW did I tear the tendons you ask? I torn them with my SUPER COOL, SUPER LARGE, SUPER HEAVY new camera lens that I have been dragging around obsessively lately. Especially in the last two weeks on our trip to the Grand Canyon my camera has pretty much been attached to my body at all times. With all the carrying


the holding


and the lifting.


So moral of the story is that the weight of the camera and the amount of time I was using it ripped the tendon in my elbow. The good thing is that with rest it should completely heal, and until it is healed I have to wear a brace.


Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but this defiantly means that I will not be shooting my camera with the big lens for at least two weeks. For the long term, once my elbow heals completely, she has advised me to wear an elbow brace every time I take out the telephoto lens. This will help prevent it tearing again and everything will be right in the world.


paul peggy zeus said...

What are you going to do for two weeks without your huge ass camera?

Ivy said...

I am happy to carry it for you @ the estuaries!

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