Monday, September 14, 2009

Philippines: Welcome to the Steam Room

Today we landed in Manila and the SECOND the plane door opened I cringed at the humid air filling the cabin. You see it rains all the time in the Philippines and it is only six degrees from the equator SO it makes a hot sticky muggy climate ten times worse then you are picturing right now. If you have ever been in a steam room at the gym or spa for a half hour your lungs start to get super heavy and you are so hot that you start seeing sparkly lights, hey it was an experiment gone awry I wanted to see how long I could last. Anyways sparkly lights and you can’t breathe, that is how it feels in the Philippines. It is so hot I can barely stand clothes on me and the only thing I can really thing about doing is counting the seconds until I can be in air conditioning again.

Regardless of the horrible sticky heat there was an equally annoying issue. Having to sit for almost 29 hours with only a few breaks to stretch your legs unfortunately gives me cankles (cankles are when the calf and the foot just join in a big glob of flesh leaving what was once a slim ankle covered in water gain. The whole family was afflicted and it almost made me cry, my poor ankles.


As an experienced flier the only way to get rid of flight cankles is to exercise, hydrate, and pray. So once we got to the hotel, even thought it was the middle of the night at home (the Philippines is a 15 hour time difference) we dug out our bathing suits out of our suitcases and jumped in the pool for a glorious swim. After a cold shower, there is no hot water in our hotel (not that we need it in this heat) we hydrated and elevated.



However today’s post is not about the ridiculous heat that tries to melt my skin from my bones, nor is it about the disgusting fat rolls that are now my cankles, today’s post is about the reason we are all here, to bring back Mrs. Fruit and Baby Fruit to the Philippines. They were at the airport to pick us up along with many of their family members although everyone was pretty much ignored once I spotted the cherub in Mrs. Fruit’s arms. Finally I got to meet Baby Fruit and she is more adorable in person, if that is possible, than she is in these photos.



It was love at first sight. Those eyes with their long long lashes just sucked me in and then she smiled. What a sweet little angel.

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Courtney Marie said...

Oh my goodness, she is adorable. I want to pinch those chubby cheeks!

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