Saturday, September 19, 2009

Philippines: Sweet Furry Babies

There are a ton of animals everywhere you look and their condition and welfare seems to not be monitored by anyone. I guess in a country where it is hard to make sure your children are fed it is hard to feed or take in animals off the street, but the sheer number of them, most of which are half starved, makes my heart break. Our empathy is something of a funny subject to them; they are after all JUST animals they say. I explained that in the states we treat our pets almost as well as our children and that it was hard to see so many uncared for. I just wish I could open a shelter for them all. I wish I could bundle them up and give them a safe home off the streets. I wonder how Mr. Rogue would feel if I brought them all home.




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paul peggy zeus said...

We saw a lot of that in other countries as well. Do you remember the little boy with his three little pigs in the back of his bicycle going to market with them in Cozumel?

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