Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Philippines: A Never-ending Ride

I woke up super early today, something about that pesky 15 hour time change has finally got me waking up naturally at 5am. My mother would be so proud. I am generally a “sleep in as long as I can before the animals wail in perfect chorus that they are STARVING” kind of person, or a “set the alarm giving myself plenty of time to get ready for that thing I have to do but continually hit the snooze button until, CRAP I only have 10 minutes to get out the door” kind of person. But that is not important, what is important is that I woke up today at 5am NATURALLY, sans alarm clock, sans bemoaning animals wailing, sans a reason. I woke up this early just because, it was amazing and may never happen again.

So anyways we were all up early, we had breakfast and then our driver picked us up to start our road trip to Duka Bay resort. The driver ended up being the same one we had last time we visited and although we were excited to see a familiar face we trusted we were less than enthusiastic about jumping in the car with him again. You see OJ drives like an energizer bunny on crack who has explosive diarrhea and is DESPERATLY trying to get to a restroom as fast as possible. Needless to say his driving is super erratic and fast, that coupled with the fact that the roads in the Philippines seem to have NO RULES makes all of us in the car nervous Nellie’s.

Thankfully Mrs. Fruit had taken in our comments from last time and gave OJ a speed limit which helped us tremendously to control the fear and the carsickness but which caused the four hour trip to take 6.5 hours. The landscape was so amazing and unique that we ALMOST did not mind the longer car ride. I say almost because my tailbone still was bruised from sitting so much on the plane and sitting the back of an SUV with two other grown adults just was not the most comfortable thing in the world.

I did however manage to score a side seat so I could desperately try and catch the scenery as we drove by. Most of my efforts were in complete vain. Most of the photos came out blurry and horribly cropped and I found myself repeatedly asking for OJ to please stop and tearing out my hair in large chunks because “I will jump out of the moving car right this second because I missed the perfect photo opportunity”. It was very very hard.

I did manage to get a few photos that I loved and I particularly loved the photos of the harbour where we took a ferry. Here I was allowed to get out of the car and shoot on solid ground a much more agreeable way to do photography. I love going to new places.





When we finally got to the hotel we were in ecstasy, aside from being able to stand the hotel was beautiful with individual houses nestled into the jungle, each with a wide veranda overlooking the ocean.


After getting settled in we set off for a walk down the boardwalk and the sun was just starting to creep down. That is my favourite time of day in the Philippines and the sunset, the sunset was simply breathtaking.





The only thing that would have made it better was if Mr. Rogue had been there. His large hand clasping my little one, sniff I miss my honey.

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Courtney Marie said...

I LOVE the pictures. I have been checking your blog constantly since you got back wondering where are the pictures?!?! Seriously, when are you going to work for National Geographic or the Discovery Channel? Hmmm...Rogue Travels...I like it. If you need an agent, call me!

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