Monday, September 21, 2009

Philippines: I am in Hell

After the party yesterday today was an official rest day. Mrs. Fruit did swing by and take us out for an hour of shopping in town but midway through I started feeling a little hot and queasy. By the time we left and made it back to the hotel I had a ranging fever. All four of us got it we think it was probably a little mild food poisoning. Mine ended up being the worse case which ended with me going to bed at 3:30pm and sleeping for 15 hours. Unfortunately God decided that I was not being punished enough so he decided to give me a cold. My cough got so bad that Mrs. Painter (who was sharing a room with me) and I had to suffer without the air conditioning all night. So here I am, sick, stuck in a million degree room with a fever and a raging cold.

I do want to however formally apologize to Mrs. Painter for making you suffer with me. Not only did you not ditch me for our parents air conditioned room I kept you up all night with my coughing. You have passed the test, I officially like you.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I'm glad you found some nice chicken noodle soup and got plenty of rest. It's exactly what your dr would order.

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