Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gimping Myself Through The Aisles of Vons

The past few days’ life has really kicked my butt, between the Patron shots at Mrs. Rambo’s house on Saturday, moving furniture on Sunday, and the beach on Monday I woke up this morning in need of 12 more hours of sleep. Unfortunately life needed to move on and I have a very rigid schedule I have to keep in order to get everything ready in time for my vacation. And seriously I don’t want to talk about my ailments but that is what is going on with my life and my blog is subject to that. So I woke up and after a twenty minute debate between my conscious and my selfish sleep deprived soul I forced myself to exit the bed, and limped to the bathroom to start my day. I managed to get in the shower and put after sun lotion on my now raging sunburn before I negotiated another twenty minutes of lying down, hey, sometimes you just need to take baby steps in order to get things done.

So after I managed to get my butt in gear, the twenty minute rest ended up being a forty minute cat-nap, as I was wadding through my list of chores my thighs were protesting (from the endless amount of waves I jumped at the beach yesterday), my ear and therefore my whole right side of my neck is killing me (I think I have an ear infections which is JUST WONDERFUL) and my elbow hurts (I think I hyper extended it moving all that furniture). Needless to say the weeding and errands that needed to be done today took a lot more effort than usual.

I was walking through the grocery store multitasking because I had not spoken to Ms. Eden in a week, she has been in a funk and I have been worried about her, so I did not want to get off the phone. The only problem is that I cannot taco my neck to the side to hold the phone because of my ear infection so I need to hold the phone with my hand which created another problem because there was no way I could hold the phone in my right hand because it is my right ear that is infected, therefore I cannot hear out of it, so I have to hold the phone with my left hand which leaves my right hand the only one that I can push the cart with, but then that is the arm with the hurt elbow. You should have seen me trying to gimp my way through the aisles of the grocery store I kept switching hands trying to hold the phone with my right hand to my ear, I even tried to push the cart with my belly at one point. And I KNOW I could have gotten off the phone with her but the only problem with that is that the last time I did that it was a week ago and we have not connected since so I was left taking my time where I could. And I know I could have just stood there and talked to her but where was the time efficiency in that? Plus I had ice cream in the cart and a million other things to finish on my list.

So I gimped myself through the aisles of Vons wishing I had one more arm growing out of my chest to make manoeuvring the cart that much easier. I even think I caught a few kids laughing at me when I was trying to kick the cart down the aisles, note to the curious folks who may want to try this sometime in their grocery store, it did not work very well, I think I may have even broken a bottle of ketchup.

I did manage to get everything done on my list, well everything except the other half of the weeding and scrubbing the kitchen floor but that is because of the elbow, it needs its sleep. Ahh the life of procrastination, the list for tomorrow just got a little longer.


myLA said...

I feel HORRIBLE for being the cause of the gimpy vons routine. Ugh. I knew you were busy because I could hear something in the background. I am sorry girl! I bet you caused a scene. :)

paul peggy zeus said...

My poor little gimpy girl! You take it easy before going to the Phillipines. The last thing you need is to be ill for your long plane ride. Take care!

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