Friday, September 4, 2009

Flashbacks of Pool Days

When I was in college I would go to the bar 4-5 times a week with various friends to shoot pool. It holds such a large part of my early twenties and I have wonderful memories of Ms. Dancer, Ms. Pool Shark and I all tearing up the table, kicking butt, bruising egos, talking shit, and basically having the time of our lives. Those were great wonderful days full of discovery and straining to do great things.

Ever since I left Pittsburgh and my beloved bar Smokin Joes where we were regulars, and moved to LA I have not been able to find the same cool vibe, with tables and people that are good to play against. Sadly I play a good game here or there but generally it is just shooting to shoot. The thrill isn’t there, the competition is gone and the mood is ever elusive. I thought I would chalk up those days as days long gone, days that can never be recreated again however today Ms. Dancer and I, along with Ms. Tinkerbelle (Ms. Dancers younger sister) went to a local bar near their place and WHAM! Ladies and Gentlemen we found a KICK ASS BAR.

I had such an amazing time. The food was DAMN NEAR PERFECT, the crowd was so much fun, the people shooting pool were not only good pool players they were totally cool. Ms. Dancer and I ran the table all night long, we drew a crowd, we had everyone cheering for us and the men we were playing were razzed at being beat by a couple of girls. AHHHH the memories, I would have stayed all night. When I got dragged out by my friends (they have jobs they need to get up for in the morning you know) I was sad to leave, but we have vowed to maybe make this a Thursday ritual. Regardless if that happens or not it was wonderful being transported in time tonight and bask in sheer blissful happiness. Like a shot of a heady drug I am on a wonderful high.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Kenny was just mentioning how you and JP kicked his ASS in pool. He said you both took all his money!

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