Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Philippines: Finally Here

The day has finally come, one and a half years in the making, when Mrs. Fruit and Baby Fruit get to officially move to the USA. Although all of us were more than a little worried taking a one year old on a 27 hour trip, especially me. I was terrified that the karma of all those evil looks, some intentional, some unintentional, that I have given to people who didn’t remove their screaming child from my hearing range would come back to haunt me on this trip. Alas there was nothing to fear she blessedly slept for a good majority of the trip and when she was awake we had 5 laps to pass her back and forth to.


On another note I am reminded why in the Philippines I do not blend, other than the fact that I weigh a good 100lbs more than anyone here, that I am at least two feet taller than everyone here, that I have super pale skin it is the height thing that always gets me. I walk into the rest rooms and have no problem looking over the divider wall to the stalls. Not that I want to look, I am just toooooo damn tall here. Mrs. Fruit even went so far to ask me “Why don’t you like high heels.” SERIOUSLY did she just ask me that, I swear I did a double take because NEVER in my life has anyone had to ask that. If you just happened to stop here for the first time I have a small, ok a very large high heel shoe fetish. When she arrived in my home and saw my closet full of neatly labelled boxes filled with shoes she laughed. Dude I don’t wear high heels in the Philippines because I am a GIANT. I am trying to blend here. Any taller and they may start shooting me with tranquilizers.

When we arrived home, exhausted but mostly in tact I found out that Mr. Rogue’s work had blown up which meant that the list of things that I left for him to do was for the most part ignored. He did manage to feed the animals and water MOST of the plants which was really the only things that HAD to be done but the cleaning and the grocery shopping list for the meals planned over the next few days just did not happen. So after visiting for a while I took the in-laws to the hotel and went grocery shopping at two in the morning. I then managed to come home and spend another hour scrubbing and cleaning. Even with that it still took me two days to get everything back in order, Mr. Rogue just rolled his eyes and told the family that I have just a little bit of OCD. I can’t help it, I just like things clean.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I can't believe anyone who knows you doesn't know what a shoe lady you are. AND you are NOT a giant. They must all be midgets over there. I think I'd fit right in (with a tan)

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