Thursday, September 17, 2009

Philippines: Fighting the Rapids

I actually for a moment contemplated cancelling our white water rafting trip today. The two hour car ride there and back sounded less than appealing after being in the car for seven hours yesterday, that coupled with the fact that we had to be up by 6 had me less than enthusiastic. However Mrs. Fruit had brought us specifically to this resort to go on the river so Mrs. Fruit, Mrs. Painter and I pushed through and it ended up being the best white water rafting I have ever done. We had amazing guides and all managed not to get thrown from the boat. We got to take a fresh spring shower, see a boa constrictor, and drink in the amazing tropical jungle scenery.





On top of all of that deliciousness Mrs. Painter and I got 7 hours in the sun to work on our tan, Mrs. Painter is really just a sun worshiper deep down.


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