Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dog Talk

In celebration of Rogue’s 8th birthday we had a lot more treats, more hugs, and an extra long walk. I got him as a beautiful sweet little puppy, I know don't you just want to kiss and cuddle your screen right now. He was the sweetest and cutest little baby in the WHOLE WORLD.


We also lived through his horrible adolescent phase which cost me more than a few thousand dollars, we lived through being forcibly separated for a year and now we are moving forward as comfy creatures of luxury.

Sometimes I swear I am so in tune with Rogue that I can hear him talking just with his mannerisms although at times he can get a bit impatient when I am not listening he really is one of the best dogs in the world.

From the mind of Rogue, my wonderful canine friend.

I love you, I adore you, I forgive you for eating all those shoes so long ago.

I know I am not allowed in the kitchen when you are cooking but that is where the best smells are, so I will stand here, right at this precise place because I know if I move one step closer to those enticing smells I will get yelled at but I cannot bear to be further away than the closest I can be.

I won’t go to you if I want crumbs because I know the second you drop something that you will look at me say no and then bend down to pick it up. Yes I know I am not allowed people food, but you should not drink so much wine and you do, so I will follow all the guests at the house and look at them with my best begging eyes looking for a bite of something delicious.

I watch and I wait and even though I am sad when you pick up the keys because I know you are leaving I get a tiny bit excited too because the second you step out the door I am on the couch or the bed even though I KNOW I am not allowed on there. I just can’t help it you did after all leave me alone here.

I know you are on the computer, I see that you are busy, but maybe if I sit here and stare at you long enough; maybe if I made myself cute enough, I will eventually tear you away from that stupid screen and you will play with me just a little because although all these toys all over the floor are amazing, and even though we just played for an hour, you might relent and play with me some more if I just stare hard enough.

I will just tap my nails to the door and back to the bed and then back to the door and back to the bed repeatedly until you wake up from your drunken hangover and let me out of the house.

I know you are eating but we have a routine and when that fork drops down to the table and when you are finished eating then I know you get up and put food in my dish but JUST IN CASE you forgot I am going to make myself completely annoying and constantly remind you so you don’t accidently not fill my very empty dish.

I know the mail comes every day at a specific time, I know that since the very first day the mail came nothing has happened when it is delivered, I know there is no threat to the house or the people in it when the mail drops in the mailslot, YET I still get the urge to tear up the wood floors in my frantic haste to get to the front door and to bark until the air in my lungs is spent. You never know, today COULD be the day the mail guy becomes a homicidal maniac.

When you walk in the house every day from going out I greet you at the door and I have my tail between my legs and my head down, and then I wait for you to find the thing that I know I did wrong but that I could not resist doing, hindsight is a bitch.

I love you Rogue, you light up my life. Cheers to hopefully eight more years together.



Courtney Marie said...

Happy Birthday Rogue! You are one of my most favorite dogs ever!

Ivy said...

Yes, that is EXACTLY what he is thinking. And that he loves you!

paul peggy zeus said...

Very cute and creative - you DO know your dog! and he's such a good boy. GIve him a nice scratch behind the ears for me....

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