Sunday, September 13, 2009


I can sleep anywhere. It really is true, sleeping is one of my all time favourite pastimes and I can do it anywhere and anytime. Just give me a small patch of floor and a few minutes and I can be out like a light. If you REALLY want to make sure I fall asleep though put me in a moving vehicle. Weather it is a car, a boat or an airplane something about the motion and the rocking makes me immediately tired and virtually unable to keep my eyes open. This trait makes me a great traveler, especially long distances. It didn’t however work well when I was trying to drive by myself the six hours home from college. I had an array of “OH MY GOD PLEASE JUST DISTRACT ME LONG ENOUGH TO KEEP MYSELF AWAKE” things in the car which consisted of a book on CD to keep my brain engaged, suckers to keep my mouth engaged, and the windows rolled down for fresh air. Even with all this I would have to stop every hour for walk breaks AND there were many times I would just stop and take an hour nap before continuing on my way.

It was worse a few years ago when I became a flight attendant for a year. Not only did I have to beat down the need to crawl into the nearest chair as soon as we took off so I could grab a quick catnap, I had to stifle my yawns during the emergency demo, keep my heavy eyes open while serving coffee, and resist resting my head down on my knees when I took my very often potty breaks.

So on the flight to the Philippines I slept for 8 of the 13 hours. That means I was only actually awake for 5 of those hours. Needless to say the in-laws were impressed. Other than the aching tailbone the flight this time was super tolerable. Of course we each had our own interactive screen and I swear in 50 years when I am old and grey and practically comatose in my retirement home as long as I have one of these screens I know that everything will be ok.

Well, as long as I am wishing, I would also like a window where I can look out and see the clouds beneath me.


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