Monday, September 7, 2009

BBBS 19 - The Beach Part Deux

Ms. Little and I went out again today. Originally we were supposed to take the dogs to the dog park and go to the library to pick up a few books but that plan got derailed when she begged me to take her to the beach again, just like we did last week, and I just could not say no to the little nudger. I didn’t think about today being a holiday, that parking would be a HUGE lesson in patience something which I find myself rather short of sometimes (ok more often than sometimes but I am working on it). We did manage to get a decent spot and I was happy that we didn’t have to lug the beach stuff as far.

Of course with us going to the beach that means that I ended up AGAIN half drowned but at least this time they were a little better with the boggie boards and a little more confident in their abilities to keep their little heads above water so I wasn’t SUCH a nervous Nelly. I did however get sunburned again even though I put on 45 because again I forgot to reapply. I know you are shaking your head, I promise to remember to reapply next time.

I love having Ms. Little in my life and every single time I go out with her we both learn so much. Today the lesson was that children LOVE to get dirty. Her sister buried her in the sand


Inside I was cringing at what was lurking under the sand. Yet she was blissfully happy lying in the sun under a mountain of sand.


The aftermath was something to behold.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Ms little must love you to the end of the world! She did look blissfully happy buried in the sand. Where are you in the photos? I miss you!

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