Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Avoidance Strategy Failure

This morning I woke up with all good intentions of getting the rest of the stuff done on my very long list of boring things to do before my house guests come. Instead of being good and doing what I should have done I ignored every responsibility I had made for myself, grabbed my camera and my hiking bag and ran out the door to the bird estuary. I spent 7 hours there trying to get the perfect shots and you know what I learned a lot of valuable lessons.

1. There are ALOT of people that apparently don’t have daytime jobs. Seriously I probably passed 200 today hiking or exercising, just enjoying the day. There were even a bunch I stopped and talked to, a few fellow bird photographers comparing notes on where the best place is to get that special shot, the retirees that come there ever single day that know the ins and outs of the birds habits like I know which Hollywood stars are steeped in scandal, and even a fellow artist whom I sat with for an hour observing his brush stroke technique. It was a wonderful time spent connecting with nature and the people around me.

2. I learned that my body just won’t operate how it used to. No matter how young I feel at heart this body is GETTING OLD and crap is starting to break down. Hiking today probably was not the smartest thing I could have chosen to do. I am in more pain now than I was two days ago and that last 200 yards to my car, the yards I had to crawl because I was just TOO TIRED to walk another step, that was embarrassing not to mention I now have to explain the huge scabs on my knees (just kidding on that last part).

3. Deep down all of us, animal and people, are all connected in this circle of life. I sat on a rock and watched a Green Heron wake up from a nap and he did all the things I did this morning.

He stretched out his little wings getting circulation to flow to those tired out areas.


He scratched a particularly bad itch with his bad morning hair askew.


And he hacked up some sort of bad LALA land air mite that had clogged his sleeping airways.


4. I also learned that you can ignore your responsibilities but they will still be there when you get home. Tomorrow is NOT going to be a fun day. Apparently someone upstairs was laughing at me because even though I put 75 sun block on sweat trickled down my brow while I was out in the wild, which caused sunscreen to get into my eye, which caused me to cry for two hours straight (note waterproof sunscreen is great on the skin, but not so great in the eye). So almost every person I passed thought I was crying and I had to re-explain every time that it was the sunscreen and that everything was A-ok. It was a little annoying but a good icebreaker.

At least I got lots of new and interesting bird shots, which I will be posting the best of for the Photo Phriday, and I can cross many off my list. Yea for new hobbies.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Great shots of the Green Heron! I love the one he's harking up his lung.

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