Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weighing Sacrifices

Mr. Rogue and I had a pretty hectic weekend. It was so hectic at one point that I would have given half my shoe collection if someone would have delivered me a wine in a box so I could rip it open, stick a straw in it and drink it like a grown up Capri sun. Seriously it was one of those weekends.

It did however start nice enough, it started pretty great actually. We woke up Saturday morning to realize that we had NO PLANS for both Saturday and Sunday. Now with our combined crazy schedules there is always SOMETHING going on yet out of the blue we get this free weekend. So usually when the box is empty I have this insatiable drive to fill it, so over breakfast Mr. Rogue and I decided to go and test-drive some SUV’s. I have an old 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 105,000 miles on it and it is about ready to keel over. It is so ready in fact that it recently started to spontaneously stall out almost every time we came to a complete stop. It also has a transmission problem and various other things are breaking and falling off. Since it is no longer a very safe or reliable car and because we need a good dependable family car Mr. Rogue and I have finally decided to donate the car and find a replacement. So Saturday we girdled our loins, gathered our information on the 4 vehicles we wanted to test drive and we were off. After hours of talking to salesmen, getting the pitch, haggling the deals and going to the next dealer to do it all over again we had all our information and were able to really sit down and compare what we wanted. We took all night and even some of Saturday morning and finally decided on a vehicle. I fell in love with the Lexus RX 400h and even though it was at the top of our budget, even a little over the max we wanted to pay it really had everything that I wanted. Rather than pass it up we decided to make a few sacrifices on other things that we had saved for. Our final decision dealt with us giving up our two week Hawaii trip, instead we have decided to take our new SUV and our tent on a two week road trip. We also decided to cut costs on phase two of our construction by scaling back what we want to do and doing more of the manual labour ourselves, which at least should make for some interesting blog-fodder.

Us making the decision about which car to get was only half the battle, the other half was spending all day at the dealer haggling to get the price that we wanted. Man oh man are those car dealers some shaddy bastards. We did have a few things going for us though because I had dated a car salesman when I was in college and he was able to teach me alot.

1. Plan on getting there early and bring a book or a magazine, ALSO it is imperative to bring some type of snack. The number one tactic of a salesman is to wear you down, that time he spends in his bosses office HAGGLING a “great deal” for you is just really to waste time. He knows how far he can stretch the price. The more antsy you get because you are bored or hungry the better opportunity he has of getting you to agree to something you don’t want just so you can escape.
2. Always haggle at least three times on the price.
3. Have a number in your head and be ready to walk out if they don’t get you what you want. This is hard to not be emotional about the deal which makes you act less practially.
4. Do the research on how much the car SHOULD be worth.
5. Buy a car in the last two days of the month (this is when they are most desperate to hit their monthly goals)
6. Buy a car only between July-October or the last two weeks of December. Because kids are out of school people are on vacation and not thinking about buying a new car, December is the same because a ton of money is already going out of consumers’ pockets because of the holiday. These are the car salesmen’s lowest sales months and therefore the best deals for the car.
7. Don’t buy a convertible in the spring or a SUV in the winter if you buy them OFF season, just like with fashion, they are less desirable and therefore cheaper.
8. If they won’t budge on the price to hit the number you want try and get other things from them to make it more even, like replacing a panel that was scratched, or getting a perk that comes extra with the car for free (upgrade to leather seats)

There see how I share, you now have the inside scoop which was the only good thing that came out of that relationship.

So, Mr. Rogue and I went into the car dealer at noon and we haggled, and we waited, and we talked, and we relaxed, and we haggled some more. Our car salesman was a little miffed that we were not really obliging on getting upset or antsy and that we were sticking to our initial price. After it was all said and done we went $500 over our base price and significantly under theirs which we were SUPER happy about and we got them to throw in a free heavy duty car mat and to take care of a scratch I had found in the interior. Although we did not get out of there until 6:30 and I felt like someone had beat me over the head with a club I was on cloud nine driving home in my shiny new car. Life is just better in a shiny new car and it made all the misery of the past two days completely worth it.



Carley said...

How exciting!! Instead of going for a lame, healthy walk on Tuesday let’s go for a ride in your FABLOUS new car!

Courtney Marie said...

It's so pretty!

Ivy said...

I love it. You made a thoughtful decision. I am certain that everyone who loves you is happy for you. :-)

paul peggy zeus said...

Nice Ride! I've heard you haven't driven a car until you drive a Lexus. Enjoy riding in luxury.

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