Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taste Buds: Meringue

This meringue recipe is oh so simple, oh so delicate, OH SO LUCIOUS.

3 Egg whites
6 Tablespoons of Sugar
¼ Teaspoon of Cream of Tartar
½ Teaspoon of Vanilla


1. Make sure that you make this recipe in a deep narrow stainless steel or glass bowl. This allows the whites to foam correctly. It is also better to use a hand mixer verses a stand mixer. Beat egg whites until real foamy, this is such an important step. Beat too little and you will never get the meringue to stand right.


2. Once the egg whites are foamy add cream of tartar and continue to beat for a few minutes.


3. Then beat in the tablespoons of sugar very slowly one by one; leaving a minute of mixing between each addition. Once the meringue forms stiff peaks add vanilla. (Note: If the meringue is not peaking then add a little more sugar)


4. Top your pie with meringue by using a teaspoon glob on in random dollops.


5. Follow pie recipe directions to set and brown the meringue.

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