Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sad Realizations

I was so excited when I got this photo of the Brown Pelican and I could cross off ‘Photograph an Endangered Species in its Natural habitat’ off my Rogue Life List. No I was beyond excited, I was ESTATIC and on a cloud so high. Unfortunately now having been to Mexico and seeing the abundance of the Brown Pelican and speaking to Ms. Ivey League I did more research and miserably had to come to the conclusion that the Brown Pelican does not count as an endangered species. Sadly I have to put this item back on my list. There ARE some sites that say that the Brown Pelican is endangered in the US, however, they say that the bird is up for review to come off the endangered list and I just don’t think that is a good enough for my Rogue Life List.

I feel like I did when I realized that once you got into the real world all that super hard work you did to get a super high GPA in high school and colage means squat. No one in the job feild, unless you are a doctor or something similar, asks what your GPA was, or at least I have never been asked. I could have skated by in school with a 2.8 and still done well. The moral of this story is to aim low my friends, aim low.


Ivy said...

Not true! Grades are merely an indicator of how much you are learning and how dedicated you are. Thus, you are the successful, brilliant, fabulous person you are now BECAUSE you worked so hard in high school and college. The grades themselves are just symbols, but what they represent is your success - and THAT is something that people DO notice. This is a totally random moment on your blog. Where did this come from???

Ivy said...

Happy Realizations:

1. Ms. Ivy loves you SOOOOO MUCH!
2. Ms. Dancer adores you.
3. Mr. Rogue is in love with you.
4. You are an awesome big sister to your Little, who clearly idolizes you.
5. You make quite a F-I-N-E trophy wife.
6. You are kind, loving, and NOTHING like Christine.
7. You have an awesome camera.
8. You kick a** at Tekken AND billiards.
9. You are irresistible.
10. You saved two dogs and two cats.
11. You make a difference in this world.

paul peggy zeus said...

I've often wondered myself which doctors just "skated" by in school - who wants to deal with a mere skater when you can work with the top in his class? and I agree with what Ms Ivy said too....

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