Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mexico Cruise: A Pollok of People

There is a tone that is created with the company that you keep at any given moment, especially on vacation, especially on a boat. This trip has been greatly influenced by the presence of Ms. Ivey League, her likes and dislikes paired with mine has taken us on one of my all time favourite trips. I may have missed out of hours of baking in the sun, sleeping in until noon, and late night drunken escapades but I have gained psychological conversations over a glass of wine, a new enthusiasm for bird photography, and a night discovering star constellations. Ms. Ivey League defiantly coaxes out my inner nerd.

Aside from the complexity of spending 24 hours a day together with my friend there is also the mob to contend with – 3,500 or so people who are sharing limited space and resources with us, who we need to, play nice with, and who can greatly influence the quality of our experience. In general everyone has been pretty pleasant, we are after all on vacation; but occasionally we have been tossed together with people, a hodge podge of color thrown on canvas that is either hit or miss in its randomness.

Today Ms. Ivey League and I opted to take a tour of Cabo San Lucas which included a stop to see the famous stone arch which was gorgeous. The bay was quite crowded and it took forever to get a shot that was uncluttered.


After the tour of the highlights we took off down the coast for the snorkelling part of the excursion. Although the snorkelling was sub par (I have been spoiled with the snorkelling in the Philippines) the water was luscious, the scenery was breathtaking and the damn heat was intense. Even though the snorkelling was not amazing we did manage to spot a small octopus, a needlefish and a giant parrot fish so all was not lost.

Spending all day skimming the water on a boat is not something I get to do every day so that in so that in itself was a novelty. We sat back and enjoyed the tranquility of the day, me in my big summer hat and Ms Ivey League in her sarong.



With Ms. Ivey League in the shade and me tanning in the sun I could not help at one moment to compare my tan with Ms. Ivey Leagues un-tan, from then on we joked about the vanilla and chocolate swirl.


As we all float around, each vacationer trying to find their own bit of joy, I hold onto the happy memories we are creating and doing my part to achieve my perfect random painting.

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