Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mexico Cruise: Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming

For the past six days Ms. Ivey League has been frolicking with me in LALA Land; it has been a whirlwind of appointments, shopping, parties, fun, leaving room for very little down time. Ms. Ivey League and I have only lived in the same state since we both moved from Michigan in 1998 once for a brief three month summer so needless to say we don’t get to see each other very often; so when the occasion arises that we are together we like to fill our schedule to the brim. Oh how the cup hath runith over the past few days.

Ms. Dancer and her sister, Ms. Tinkerbelle, picked us up bright and early for a quick brunch before dropping us off at the pier for our forever cruise. Because I had already had six days with Ms. Ivey League, which is longer than our average visit, it really felt like Ms. Dancer and I were taking Ms. Ivey League to the airport instead of just beginning our actual vacation. After meticulous months of planning the actuality of finally getting on the ship was surreal. Her excitement, this being her very first cruise, was infectious; my inner smile was glowing.

Thankfully because we are both such similar type A people, we fell immediately into planning our itinerary, booking our excursions for the ports we would be stopping at, and exploring the huge boat we were on. The thing we are lacking however is a prep rally, cheerleader personality that would encourage us to join all the community events and shows on board. This is where Ms. Dancer, our third musketeer, is needed. She would have totally begged for us all to go to the socials and mixers, but without her we could just not muster the energy to talk ourselves into going. Damn the economy for splitting us up!

So, Ms Ivey League and I had a long conversation about how important it is to live in the moment, to plan but let the plan be flexible, to reveal in the small moments and to split up when one of us wants to ying if the other wants to yang. We are also adopting a cute idea that my parents use to make the little everyday decisions a little easier. We are using the even day/ odd day method. This is where one person, in this case Ms. Ivey League, chooses what we are both going to do on the even days (August 10,12,14) and I get to decide what we are going to do on the odd days (August 9,11,13). I think it is a brilliant way to make sure both gets to make decisions and it is perfect for when both of us are feeling a little ambiguous about doing something at a particular time.

After running around the 14 floors of our ship we ended up on the bow of the boat (that is the front of the boat ya’ll) excited to be finally taking off on a trip that we have been talking about for over ten years. We sat on the lawn chairs waiting to pull out of the harbour and talked about the length of our twenty year relationship, how I don’t have to explain where I come from or who I grew up to be because she has been with me, growing with me, developing with me since I was ten. I cannot put into words what this type of relationship means to me but you can see our happiness and love in our eyes.


Standing on the bow of the boat, the wind licking through my hair, I tilted my face to the setting sun and took a big breath of peace. As the boat let go of the land and whisked through the harbour, I let go of tension and sank into a happier, more content me.


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