Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Particular Rituals

We all have our rituals, things that we do time and time again until they become so ingrained it is just natural. Sometimes these habits are a little strange, sometimes they are just downright odd. My cat Seurat has this thing that he does every single time he drinks, a thing that I have been trying to document for you for days. I cannot help but laugh every time I see it.

Seurat takes 45 minutes to take a drink of water. First he sits about 3 feet from the water bowl and waits for about 10 minutes. If any of us are moving around in the kitchen he will walk away, but if we are all still then he will move to the next stage.

He looks left.


He looks right.


And if the coast is clear he will slowly approach the bowl where he will stand for another 15 minutes. The weird thing is not that he approaches it so slowly but that he will just stare at the bowl for so long. I want to yell the bowl is not going anywhere, but that would interrupt his intricate balance.


After the 15 minutes has passed he will sit and then stare some more. The time for this step varies, sometimes it is only a minute, other times I am sure he sits still so long that he actually falls asleep there. I swear I don’t understand, I really wish I could crawl into his brain for just a minute to see what he is thinking. Is he thinking that something is in that water? Is he waiting for me to change the water? Is he afraid that the water was poisoned by Phoenix?


Of course he has to make sure there is no one sneaking up behind him while he was meditating.


No one to the left, how about the right.


Ok no one there but then he sits and stares some more. Seriously cat come-on I got laundry to fold and I cannot walk away because I want to capture the whole thing.


Ok here is the next step he lifts a paw and touches the water.


And then closely watches the ripples unfurl.


Then he will tap it AGAIN because maybe that one tap just was not good enough. Sometime I wonder if he has sensors in his paws, or if he is studying the ripples of the water to try and help him reach his Zen.


But then wait he is STILL not ready to drink because obviously he has not decided that this is water, that he can drink it, so we are back to another 10 minute staring contest.


Ok I know we are getting close, he leans in, I hold my breath, “Is he going to FINALLY drink.” Nope there is again a need to make ABSOULTLY sure that the water is still there. Because he obviously blinked in this whole ritual and MAYBE just MAYBE the water had evaporated in that timeframe.


Ok but OH WAIT, there he goes he finally gets into his weird drinking position. With front legs splayed out wide he reaches clear across the bowl to drink at the opposite side from where he is standing.


I cannot help but think of Giraffes drinking water when I see him drinking like this.


I know that I am now tired, tired of sitting so still so as not to break Seurats ritual drinking habits so I could document them for you. Too tired to fold that load of laundry I have sitting in the other room. What are your goals for the week, the month, the year? I only ask because Seurat has only four objectives in life:

1. To do the drinking ritual every single time he is thirsty.

2. To eat as much as possible. This plan has been thwarted by me, which I think puts me on his crap list, which is probably why he meows at me so often.

3. To be in the same room with me at all times, preferably lying right behind my feet as I do dishes or cook so he can trip me

4. The last objective is to nap as often as possible which he considers an art form. I am jealous and obviously have a lot I can still learn from him about this. I think I need to practice more.

Me on the other hand I have lists and lists and lists of things all the time. Lists of things to do that I am currently ignoring so I can blog. I excel at the art of denial. We humans. We sure know how to complicate life.

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